Install Ubuntu One Client On Kubuntu

How do I install the GNOME Ubuntu One client on Kubuntu?

Although less than ideal, you should be able to get the GNOME Ubuntu One client working in KDE (Kubuntu) running these commands at a terminal session:

1. sudo apt-get install ubuntuone-client* 
2. u1sdtool -c

That will install GNOME dependencies and then kick off the process to setup your computer with Ubuntu One.

Note, you may notice getting prompted twice for your keyring password. To work around this, please try the following:

1.In a terminal session run:
 rm ~/.gnome2/keyrings/default*

2.Add the following lines to /etc/pam.d/kdm: 
auth optional pam_gnome_keyring.so try_first_pass session optional pam_gnome_keyring.so auto_start

3.Logout / login

4.In a terminal session run: 
u1sdtool -c